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A Challenging Word Puzzle That Force You to “Be Complicated”

4 Nov

The best kind of brain exercise is one that employs more than process — one that is complicated and challenges you to use more of your brain.

Word Sequences are puzzles do just that.  In order to solve the puzzle you will have to think critically, tap into some spatial skills, and problem solve while pulling out words that fit all the clues and cues. That means using multiple processes all at once!

Playing word sequences is tough for a couple reasons.

First, you have to move the correct letters down to fill in pieces of the word below it — that means you must visually line up the letters and mechanically put the right letter in the appropriate spot. See the example below but the idea is move the letters into the blanks lines below them. That requires spatial orientation and discrimination (only move letters on to the blank lines and not into the circles and make sure you lining it all up correctly).

Next you must look at the clue and sort through a list of possible right answers in your memory. The clues in this puzzle are not always clear cut so sift and sort through the possible answers.

Finally, based on the letters you moved on to the blank lines and the number of remaining blank circles you must choose from that list and write in the answer. Based on all of that, fill in the circles with the appropriate letters.

Step and repeat until you reach the end!

Here is a sample.

Word sequences EXAMPLE


Try this one on your own. Take your time and focus on one task at a time.

Wednesday's Word Challenge word sequences word game

Was this a challenge? If so, what part was hardest for you?

Puzzles like these can help you find clues to processing challenges. Pay attention to what feels difficult and watch for patterns!


Reviving Wednesday’s Words: Change Up Your Brain Workout

14 Oct

It is a good idea, and a solid way to keep your brain active and alive, to vary your activities.

Puzzles and games are amazing; physical exercise is essential; eating brain boosting foods is critical; getting in touch with your body is a life booster; and thinking deeply will enhance the quality of life in so many ways.

Today, let’s try a somewhat different kind of word puzzle so you can stretch and expand your brain workout just a bit.

For this challenge you will need:  1.  paper,  2. something to write with, and 3.  a timer.

Your task is to write down  as many words, all with 3 or more letters, using the letters in the wheel. Here is the catch: each word must include the letter in the center of the wheel. When you are ready, set the timer to 2 minutes and begin.  Word Hub 1

How many did you get?   Ready to try again?  Set the timer for 90 seconds this time.  Ready? Go!

Word Hub 2

Was it harder to have to use a vowel in every word or a consonant?

Do you like Wednesday’s Words? If so I will keep it going! 

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