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New Twists: Shaking It Up at the Hotel Maya, With the Bigger Picture (Plus Puzzles)

28 Oct

Let’s Zoom Out a bit on yesterday’s Zoomed In photos from the beautiful Hotel Maya and the quick get-away I took to Long Beach with my husband and our friends Lois and Michael, aka MiLo!

A huge part of effectively working your brain is mixing it up so you never get too comfortable with a particular way of doing or being – make it novel, vary the challenge, and activate more brain processes. With that in mind, today we are going to shake it up a bit. Instead of simply doing the big reveal, I turned all of the photos into puzzles.  That was not quite enough so I twisted the layout a bit just to add a little variety and change the experience.

Day 1 of our Long Beach adventure started with an amazing brunch on the patio overlooking the water.  Check out the amazing food…. Which one of the following photos is not like the others?

maya veggies michaelNext up was a Samba lesson. MiLo approached the dance floor all smiles with confidence and a bit of swagger! I would love to say we all rocked it but all the photos of me show me looking at my feet and looking pretty terrified. Did I mention that learning something new, being active, moving out of your comfort zone, and listening to /moving to music are all brain healthy activities. Yesterday’s bite was from that colorful table umbrella. Which photo is different?

Maya Predance milo static

The band was amazing. So much beautiful dance music came out of yesterday’s slice – the mouth of a classic looking saxophone!  Which one is different?

maya sax player staticWe had some help finishing our desert! Check out our lunch guest and the change in puzzle layout style! Which one of these desert photos is different?

maya bird desert staticThen it was time to find a peaceful spot to set up office for the afternoon. Hmmm…. So many spots to choose from.  Which photo has something that is not quite the same?


Maya pool staticeWi-fi throughout the property…even here! Which is different?

Maya peaceful place staticAnd yes, they gave us S’mores to enjoy by the fire! This is a tough puzzle. Can you figure out why?Maya fire pit staticJust when we thought the Hotel Maya had no more magic to offer, we took a walk on the grounds and found this beautiful night scene. What a perfect ending to a wonderful day!  Which of these photos is just a bit different?

maya at night static

There were three distinct variations on the same kind of puzzle. How did these changes in style change how easily you solved the puzzles?

And…aren’t you just chomping at the bit to visit the Hotel Maya Double Tree Long Beach????



A Fall Day in the Woods, a Squirrel Hunt, and a Few Puzzles

11 Oct

Something new today. Here are some “One of These Things is Not Like the Others” puzzles that come as part of a story! Fire up the attention centers in your brain with a few puzzles as you activate those areas that manage imagination!

When you come to a puzzle, see how quickly can you find the one photo that is not like the others? 

Fall is in the air in Rochester, NY and the trees are just starting to show their spectacular fall colors.

P1150049 (2)Early one morning last week while visiting family, I went out to “shoot” squirrels (with my camera of course) in Durand Eastman Park with two eager squirrel hunters.

1.1 squir hunters static


What is that just around the corner on the ground?

7 squir hunter stickNot a squirrel…just some sticks….

1.3 squir hunter handless staticLook! Is that a squirrel on that tree?

1 squir static

Close but nope…just a chipmunk!

1.2 squir pointer static

“I see something moving!”

5 squir hunt deer staticVery cool but not a squirrel!


P1150041 (2)We searched high…

P1150087 (3)We searched wide…

P1150058 (2)We found some beautiful creatures.

P1150065 (2)

And saw some breath taking colors.

But no squirrels… anywhere. We were so re-energized by the awesome hike, the cool, crisp air, and all we did see, that we were not that disappointed when we got in the car to go back to a cottage on the lake. After all, some days, it is all about the hunt.

DSCN1272 (2)We came around a corner and on the side of a road…in some random yard…SQUIRREL!

DSCN1273 (2)

Waiting for us to pull over!

DSCN1269 (2)

And start “shooting” so could he run and start the hunt all over again!!


It was a perfect Tuesday for a squirrel hunt courtesy of one of my absolutely spectacular nieces, my joy-filled husband, and Mother Nature!

How did you like solving a puzzle in the middle of a story? How was this experience different for you?

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