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Reviving Wednesday’s Words: Change Up Your Brain Workout

14 Oct

It is a good idea, and a solid way to keep your brain active and alive, to vary your activities.

Puzzles and games are amazing; physical exercise is essential; eating brain boosting foods is critical; getting in touch with your body is a life booster; and thinking deeply will enhance the quality of life in so many ways.

Today, let’s try a somewhat different kind of word puzzle so you can stretch and expand your brain workout just a bit.

For this challenge you will need:  1.  paper,  2. something to write with, and 3.  a timer.

Your task is to write down  as many words, all with 3 or more letters, using the letters in the wheel. Here is the catch: each word must include the letter in the center of the wheel. When you are ready, set the timer to 2 minutes and begin.  Word Hub 1

How many did you get?   Ready to try again?  Set the timer for 90 seconds this time.  Ready? Go!

Word Hub 2

Was it harder to have to use a vowel in every word or a consonant?

Do you like Wednesday’s Words? If so I will keep it going! 

Zooming In On the Small Stuff: It’s a Macro-Monday Puzzle!

3 Nov

A quick exercise in attention to detail, meaning, and order before diving into a game.

Move your eyes off  your screen. Look left, then look right. What do you see? Overall, does what you see say something about you or your day/week/stage in life?

Now pick one item in your visual field and think about that item in this context. Does it have a purpose? How did it get there? What if you moved that item to another room? Would it be out of place?

This simple exercise just fired up four distinct processes in your brain.

  1. Focus / attention to context,
  2. Future thinking / preparation,
  3. Evaluation of meaning of a specific item (use, purpose, placement), and
  4. Shifting perspective (what if you moved it?).

In about a minute and without really struggling or working too hard, you just kept all four of those pathways open and active. Pretty big pay off for very little effort, right?

I did a variation on this exercise this morning as I put together today’s Macro-Monday puzzles –  an exercise where I take slices out of photos and you have to guess what they are. Each of the photo slices below is a closer look from a photo I took when I looked to my right – no staging, just what I saw on my desk. It is Monday and I am a planner so there might be a thing or two that will give you a hint about what I am writing about later this week.  Some are common desk items, some are incredibly functional, and some are just pieces of my life!

All pretty easy so no hints today :)!  Can you guess what these are?

P1160038 (3)

P1160038 (2)

P1160035 (3)

P1160033 (2)

P1160034 (2)

P1160035 (2)

P1160040 (2)

P1160043 (2)

P1160044 (2)

A bonus slice today: this is on the stool next to my desk – I could not resist!

P1160039 (2)



How did you do?


Day 3 and counting…!

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