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Stroke is a “Brain Attack”

1 May

We are kicking off National Stroke Awareness Month with some really important myth busting from the National Stroke Association!

Myth: Stroke is unpreventable
Reality: Stroke is largely preventable

Myth: Stroke cannot be treated
Reality: Stroke requires emergency treatment

Myth: Stroke only strikes the elderly
Reality: Stroke can happen to anyone

Myth: Stroke happens to the heart
Reality: Stroke is a “Brain Attack”

Myth: Stroke recovery only happens for a few months following a stroke
Reality: Stroke recovery continues throughout life

Learn more. Be Proactive. Take care of your brain for the long run!

Wednesday’s Words Stroke Prevention Word Search

15 May

We are celebration National Stroke Awareness month with a word search puzzle that will keep you focused on stroke related facts.  Make sure to check out to learn more, get involved, make a donation… be part of the community!

Find the Stroke Related Words

Thanks for playing!

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