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Puzzles That Test Your Attention Skills

13 Apr

Memory starts with attention. Attention can shift in milliseconds. Hundreds of bits and pieces of information are fighting for your attention every single second of every single day.

How do you know you are paying attention to what will help you thrive? How do you sort through it all?

One way is to practice focusing your attention in a safe environment — a puzzle.

Here are two really challenging Find the Difference puzzles — each challenging for different reasons and both those reasons have everything to do with context.

Your task today is two-fold. First, can you find the differences in these photos? The first puzzle (the pre-sunrise view across the San Diego Bay) has five differences.



This scene from Torrey Pines State Beach has a bonus change (a total of 6 changes).


The second half of today’s challenge requires a bit of thought. Go back to each of these puzzles and take a closer look at the whole scene. The nature of each of the scenes made these puzzles more challenging. Can you identify what made each difficult? Was one easier for you than the other?

A key part of practicing paying attention is understand what makes the task hard for you. Our worlds change so quickly and knowing what might trip you up can serve as a cue for you to approach a situation differently or more or less critically depending on the requirements of that moment.

When you identify those spots you feel need work, make sure you look beyond just that one specific task. Consider context, meaning, emotions, timing, sensations — the whole picture and all its pieces. Break it apart and see if you can identify any patterns.

Attention is a huge issue for me — that is probably why I write about it so much!

What is your biggest thinking challenge?



Looking Beyond Distractions: Noticing Small Changes in Beautiful Things

17 Mar

The first step to memory is attention. If something does not catch your eye and sink in you have 0% chance of recalling it later.

Attention is something you must work on if you want hone that skill. Practice, practice, practice is the only answer.

Today’s puzzles throw in a twist — all of the photos are of multi-layered subjects, ones that lead your imagination (and your focus) away from the details. This presents a challenge you encounter each day and one so worth practicing!

How quickly can you find the one photo (ones I took while in Anse la Raye, St. Lucia) that is not exactly like the others?

extra drum mural static

hair bows static

big hat mural static

Is there something that makes is hard for you to pay attention?

When do you feel like you get so lost in the scene that you lose the details?

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