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Word Games – Word Scrambles

2 Jan

Wednesday’s Word Game

This week’s word game is a fun and short word scramble that will get you to think out of the box.  To play, you will need a timer, pen, and paper.  For each set of letters below, see how many words you can form in 30 seconds.

Word Scramble Game 1

Now get ready for the second set of letters…

Word Scramble Game 2

Now, compare the words you found in each set – notice any similarities?  Each set above actually has the same letters, but in different positions.  Isn’t it interesting the different words you find when the letters are rearranged?  Which set did you do better on?

To play more word games, check out our Wednesday’s Word Game archive.

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Cognitive Fatigue: We Have A Nap for That!

13 Aug

Some days you can have too much of a good thing.  Working your brain too hard for too long can simply wear you out.  Cognitive fatigue is a real chemical phenomenon that can strike at any time and there is little you can do to stop it.

This out of control feeling is the result of an overworked brain.   So, if you can’t stop yourself from hitting the wall at full speed, consider some steps you can take to hit the reset button and start to rebuild your cognitive reserve.

Peaceful Place

Imagine a stress free zone and give your brain a NAP!

Yes, take a brain nap!

  • Shut out sensory input and take slow deep breaths.    Give your brain a nap by shutting out all things that make it work and wear it out.
  • Exercise, fresh air, and music are great restorers as well.  Give your brain a nap by plugging in your ear phones, putting on your walking shoes, and getting some fresh air.

Take care of yourself and feed your cognitive reserve!

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