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Sing Yourself #BrainHealthy: My Life in a #Playlist aka #adayinthegoodlife

18 Sep

My great friend and brilliant blogger Lisa Carpenter on writes a piece most weeks that she calls Here and Now wherein she recaps what she is reading, working on, thinking, watching, and doing. Inspired by that, here is what is going on in my head expressed in both words and song.

You may turn this into a really powerful brain exercise if, as you watch the videos, you sing along as loudly and clearly as you are able! Flood your brain with some of those feel good chemicals and flood your life with a bit of joy. The final song has a special brain booster for you so hang in there!

For a while, I have been getting slapped in the face with signs about my path in life and what I need to do. I see the signs, I think about them, and then I just carry on with what I had originally planned – no time to consider rethinking the path. Very recently, this really old song came on the radio twice in one week after beyond words cool things happened in my life. The first time I stopped and considered if there was any significance because the main message was so true. The second time I actually pulled over and sang along. OK Universe, you have my full attention and I am listening, adjusting, and growing. And yes, maybe it took more effort than I thought possible but consider my mind blown.

As the shift in my life happens I keep seeing changes in the world around me. Granted, I have stopped watching all of the politicians running for President whether the candidate fits my point of view or not. My eyes are drawn these days to a growing number of good things happening and changes in how the world as a whole is working. Funny, I am just a little Jewish girl from just outside the Southside of Chicago and I keep hearing myself say “Go Pope”. This song is relatively new and is one of my absolute current favorites. It really reflects how I feel about the momentum started by people on the international stage, like this Pope. You might have to do a little chair dancing with this one by the Revivalists. They had me at the first line: “I am pulling down the shades for the long ride. I never knew that I could be so black and blue.” And it gets better!!!

I had conversations with several people this week about the power of Positive Psychology to change how we see the world. It is that shift in thinking that takes our attention and moves it to focus on what we can do to make this moment worth living. Not planning for the worst – anticipating the best and seeing what happens. There are a tons of songs rattling around in my head that embody that idea but in honor of my friends “MiLo” who are boarding a train to take them on a beautiful ride today, I picked this song – one I remember singing with my son when Ziggy Marley recorded it in the ‘90’s!

I may be fooling myself but I believe I feel a shift, a noticeable movement in the tenor of the dialogue in the world. Patience with the intolerant, the uninformed, and those that live driven by hatred and fear of others who don’t look and love like them is running out and finally the voice of change is rising up. Call me an idealist but I believe that the more we attention we give the “good” in the world, the more likely we will inspire those looking for attention to be “good”. That is a shift that I can buy in to. Every day! “I know in this sweet, sweet life, at least this much is true, everybody’s got to hug somebody at least once a day.” Yep, thank you Michael Franti, again.

Now for the promised mega-brain booster. Your back-up singers are ready and it is your time to get a huge dose of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine (the feel good trifecta of brain chemicals) and maybe a bit of oxytocin (the chemical of love) for good measure! GO!

So what is filling in the melody of your life today?

Building Better Brains with a Saturday Sing-a-Long

25 Apr

When life gets crazy it is easy to push self care aside.

Just listening to music helps you care for your brain. Add singing and emotion and you turn up the noise on that passive activity.

Let’s go a bit further and add two more brain activating layers (and no more time) — laughter and reading.  Read-a-long, sing-a-long, and laugh-a-long with me today on a trip down memory lane….

How about an amazingly sweet song from another really funny guy? Make sure you read the words on the screen as you sing — even if you know them all.

Take a minute to breathe, smile, and drink in the moments this weekend!

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