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Weekly Brain Challenge: All Hearts and Valentines

10 Feb

This week’s brain challenge is a double whammy!  It celebrates both Valentine’s Day and features the color red in honor of American Heart Month.  Share this puzzle with your valentine this Thursday!

Click on the puzzle to make it larger on your screen.
Happy Valentines Day Puzzle

There are five changes in this puzzle – can you find them?

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Word Search Puzzle: Heart and Brain Health for the Holidays

11 Dec

To so many people, the holidays mean food and lots of it.   It is so difficult to stay healthy and focus on eating well in that period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Please don’t forget that your brain depends on good blood flow to stay healthy and working well so, especially as the fudge and the latkes get passed around, it is critical to think and eat heart healthy.

Today you will be doing double duty:  practice your searching and sorting skills while focusing on affordable heart healthy foods.  In this word search puzzle, you are hunting for heart healthy foods that are all under $1 per serving.

Try these searching strategies to change your focus and let your brain know that there is more than one way to search and sort!

  • Start on the edges and work your way in.
  • Pick a letter and search for all words that start with that letter.
  • Quickly scan the whole puzzle and see if you can pick out whole words.

Word Search Heart Healthy Eating

For more affordable, heart healthy foods check out American Heart Association’s list.  Take care of your heart and you protect your entire vascular system — including your brain!


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