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Real Power Comes Gently… From Balance

26 Jan

I don’t start many sentences with “I believe”. It feels like an irrevocable moral contract of some kind – something never to be taken lightly. Right now, I have a couple of those rattling around.

I believe in energy and the body’s power to gently guide that energy to get results.

Let me explain.


We live our lives in these things made mostly of water, fueled by chemical and electrical activity – that’s energy. With all things that run on energy, the right mix of elements – all those key components to fire the mechanism properly—is pretty important for optimum functioning. If our goal is to maintain a mixture that supports living in a particular way, tracking those balances, as if watching a monitor, is necessary. Not too much and not too little but always fluid and flexible.

I believe that we can reset those balances by doing course corrections, big and small, along the way.

Note the studies examining BNDF – a little protein that we know is released during exercise. This little protein has the power to tap into DNA and make something happen. BNDF actually unlocks a rule programmed in DNA, found specifically on chromosome 11, and triggers a particular sequence of events that tells the body to create new cells – researchers believe that that sequence triggers the creation of new neurons.

Think about that for a second.

Every time I step on the elliptical or go out for a vigorous walk I am telling my body that I want more neurons… I want to grow. That is not just energy but that is power.

That is one protein and one tiny set of instructions in our DNA but one that can be seen in the lab – today.

Not science fiction.

Not voodoo or mysticism.

One protien that we have the power to activate personally every single day.

Just imagine the possibilities as this branch of research deepens and scientist continue to unlock the mysteries of the relationship between our behaviors and our bodies.

Goose bumps, right?

choose lined with gold

A Note to My Imperfect Brain

26 Mar

Dear Brain,

I am almost done grieving the losses

The loss of my keys, the loss of my words, the loss of where I fit in the world.

As peace sets in and I find a comfortable level to float

It really is time to honor, celebrate, and thank you for all I found.

Within your imperfections I learned to listen closely

And I found my voice, calling me to action.

Within the fog I walked into a deeper understanding of what is around me

And I found the focus I needed to see the beauty around me so much more clearly.

Within the confusion I learned to look for clues in the context

And I found the insight that comes with shifting my perspective.

Within the fear of doing it all wrong I heard the laughter

And I found the key to my survival.

Within the world of believing that no one could possibly understand I discovered a community

And I found my purpose.


With deep love and gratitude,




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