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Playing Games With Holiday Lights Helps You Work On Attention Skills!

9 Dec

The Griswalds have nothing on my neighborhood – Point Loma absolutely rocks the holiday decorations. Today’s puzzles feature several of the houses just a few blocks away. These puzzles are really difficult for a couple reasons.

First, each of these scenes has so much going on. It is difficult to focus on the small details in the chaos of the lights and characters and props. Second, the lighting is not what you are used to in a Find the Difference puzzle. You have to step outside your comfort zone and search differently when there are major shifts in either lighting or color. They do, however, mirror life and that, my friends, is our goal – create scenes that you might encounter in your daily life so that you may practice skills in the context of your life.

Each of the following sets has three (3) differences. How quickly and efficiently can you find them?







Here’s to a bright and colorful day!

Practice Memory & Attention While You Check Out the Kia Optima Hybrid!

4 Dec

Today we are multi-tasking – brain work, car shopping, and games all rolled in one!

First, a memory workout with a theme. A couple months ago the nice Kia people let me drive a Kia Optima Hybrid on a trip to check out Little Petroglyph Canyon. So I made a couple games featuring this awesome, fuel efficient, luxury car.

This is a version of Memory Match, the most played game on Cranium Crunches! If you have not played this game before, your task is to turn the “playing cards” over (tap or click them) and the goal is find the matching pairs – think old style Concentration or the Memory Game.

Start on Level 1 (make sure the circle next to Level 1 is filled in). In Level 1 all the photos are pretty different from each other so you are simply working on working memory – a skill so many of us seem to want and need to improve. Click or tap on the “playing cards” to reveal the photos and find the pairs as quickly and accurately as you can.

Looking for more of a challenge? Scroll up and select Level 2. A completely different puzzle album comes up and the photos make you focus a bit harder. I made Level 3 really an incredibly challenging attention work out. Give it a try and see how you do. Again, the photos in this puzzle album are very different but the game plays exactly the same. By changing the content, we can modify the level of difficulty!

Now some car shopping. When Kia says that the Optima “is not your average mid-sized sedan”, they are not kidding. So many things to love about a car drives like a sports car, comes with features galore, and is totally energy efficient.

Let me tell you what I loved about the Kia Optima Hybrid.

P1140181 (2)I am both energy conscious and competitive. This car played right into both. You know how some hybrids and electrics will display the average MPH? This Optima takes that up notch — they gamified it! I knew at all times, what Eco Level I achieved. More importantly, when my husband was driving…

P1140179 (2)

…I just nodded and smiled!  Overall, we averaged 38 miles to the gallon. That is pretty amazing considering the trip was up and down hills at least half of the time.

P1140177 (2)

The Optima is pretty car and handles like a dream.

P1130903 (2)

It fit in anywhere we needed to go!

P1130794 (2)Aside from the amazing stereo system (a must), I think the thing we liked the best was the navigation system. Not only is the volume completely (and easily) adjustable, the display showed us what to do – including the lane configuration and where to be. That is the first time I have driven a car that has that feature and that takes the stress out of getting around unfamiliar places.

P1130801 (2)Even in places where the roads have no names! More games featuring this trip and the Kia Optima Hybrid to come!

This was a sponsored post (I was not paid but I got to drive this car) but all opinions are always my own!

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