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The Power of Two: Creating a Partnership in Healing

14 Aug

We are stronger together.

I know that sounds a little trite, over-used, and a bit corny. None-the-less, there is no question that healing after a brain injury / stroke is smoother with help.

Possibilities open up because help provides:

  • Two perspectives to understand what is unfolding in front of you both.
  • Two heads to figure out where the path leads.
  • Two sets of eyes to see obstacles before they trip you up.
  • Two hearts to find the laughter and love to move through the day focused on quality.
  • Two sets of intention to make today the best possible day.


Think about this: Navigating the recovery path is challenging enough with a fully functioning brain – one that is firing on all cylinders.

When that thinking goes off course or it is difficult to pay attention to all the details, that path gets more challenging that it simply should be.

Two perspectives, two heads, two sets of eyes, two hearts, and two intentions – stronger together….

Powerful healing comes when a survivor and their caregiver join together as a team.

Powerful healing comes from a place of mutual support, deepened understanding, and a shared path.

Powerful healing comes when someone has your back.

And that powerful healing goes both ways.

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Traumatic Brain Injury’s (#TBI) Unexpected, Unanticipated Changes

2 Jun

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As a general rule, it feels pretty normal to think of change as something to plan for. Even those huge feeling changes like changing jobs, changing perspectives, or changing where we live, happen gradually, over time.

A brain injury — whether that is a stroke, a fall, a blast, or an accident — is not only an exception to that rule, but it also brings with it a whole new set of rules. Those new rules are, in most cases foreign and frightening, but always unanticipated and indicate a huge detour on the planned route.

I know I have always been more comfortable with, maybe not certainty but definitely, a plan.

It took a while but I learned that sometimes life’s plan just happens in a flash, and dealing with the implications of those sudden changes in both the short-term and the long run might require tapping into a reserve I never knew I had.

Plan for change or a change of plan…. Who knows what will come next!

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