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Summer Puzzles: Your Weekend #CraniumCrunches for #BrainHealth

18 Jul

Let’s play some puzzles to work on attention and focus skills all made from photos I took recently with my cell phone!

Find the three differences in each of the puzzle sets. (Answers follow each puzzle)

It’s wedding season and what a beautiful setting for a wedding!


I’ve been #chummingforbutterflies (and have been using that hashtag on Instagram)!


It is beach season all over the country. Nothing like a beautiful walk on the beach. These stairs lead to Moonlight Beach.



Have you been filling your life with summer smiles?

Playing Games With Holiday Lights Helps You Work On Attention Skills!

9 Dec

The Griswalds have nothing on my neighborhood – Point Loma absolutely rocks the holiday decorations. Today’s puzzles feature several of the houses just a few blocks away. These puzzles are really difficult for a couple reasons.

First, each of these scenes has so much going on. It is difficult to focus on the small details in the chaos of the lights and characters and props. Second, the lighting is not what you are used to in a Find the Difference puzzle. You have to step outside your comfort zone and search differently when there are major shifts in either lighting or color. They do, however, mirror life and that, my friends, is our goal – create scenes that you might encounter in your daily life so that you may practice skills in the context of your life.

Each of the following sets has three (3) differences. How quickly and efficiently can you find them?







Here’s to a bright and colorful day!

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