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Traumatic Brain Injury’s (#TBI) Unexpected, Unanticipated Changes

2 Jun

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As a general rule, it feels pretty normal to think of change as something to plan for. Even those huge feeling changes like changing jobs, changing perspectives, or changing where we live, happen gradually, over time.

A brain injury — whether that is a stroke, a fall, a blast, or an accident — is not only an exception to that rule, but it also brings with it a whole new set of rules. Those new rules are, in most cases foreign and frightening, but always unanticipated and indicate a huge detour on the planned route.

I know I have always been more comfortable with, maybe not certainty but definitely, a plan.

It took a while but I learned that sometimes life’s plan just happens in a flash, and dealing with the implications of those sudden changes in both the short-term and the long run might require tapping into a reserve I never knew I had.

Plan for change or a change of plan…. Who knows what will come next!

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