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When Life Gets too Serious? Play!

3 Feb

When did life get so serious?

Enough of that crap.

No preaching. No sharing wise thoughts or research. Today, let’s just play!

I picked these photo puzzles because they made me smile and made me feel oh so good.

Which one of these photos is different?

whoopie cushion OTTNLAs you find the three differences (locate three changes in the photo on the right) I am not even going to talk about how good play is for your health in general or your brain in particular (although I guess I just did).

weve come too far static


And… as you find the one photo that is not like the others, I am not going to preach the value of living joyfully in the moment to quality of life and quality of thinking (although I just did that too).

Too much Soul!

Enjoy your moments. Play your way through the day.

I don’t have to tell you what will happen (even though I might have let a thing or two slip) — you will feel it :)!!!

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