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Are You a Rippler?

28 Jul

I am, right now, on a brain and world expanding trip to Tanzania. I am working with an amazing organization called Global Volunteers. My task is to ask questions and gather data to initiate a project that is intended to reduce stunting and raise cognitive funtion for villagers in the Iringa Region of Tanzania. This is the first in a series of thought pieces as I work my through Tanzania and this inspiring project.


I think I have always been a rippler.

Rippler: A person who starts and/or continues ripples in hopes that those ripples will grow, merge with other ripples, and begin something beyond us all.

Yes, that is my definition but I think it fits for so many.

I wonder if it is odd that I find myself standing in the spot where it feels like life began – that thing that started as result of an event much beyond a ripple – and I am being pulled on to another huge event, in this moment in time, that is so much more than a ripple and might be hard for me to turn away from.

I know this all sounds oh so dramatic but I believe it is no coincidence that I am standing, geographically, at a spot where the first humans walked on the Earth, feeling like I am at the start of something big.


Here in Africa, the energy is so different. I can feel it and, for the moment, it is beyond what I understand. What I do understand is that the project I am watching unfold is not about making ripples, it is about the start of a wave.

Stepping in and riding that wave is completely new when you are used to making ripples.

Ripplers beware – momentum is growing and we need to expand with it.

 Next installment coming as internet allows! What is happening in your world?


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