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Fire Up Your Brain With a Word Challenge

26 Oct

By popular demand, a word puzzle to stimulate your brain chemistry, stretch your thinking, and have a little fun!

This word game is a fun and short word scramble that will get you to think out of the box.  To play, you will need a timer, pen, and paper.  For each set of letters below, see how many words you can form in 30 seconds.
Word Scramble Game 1

Now get ready for the second set of letters…

Word Scramble Game 2

Did you notice any similarities in yours lists? Check out the letter selection in each of the boxes — they are identical! Interesting how we see things differently from a different angle!

How did you do?

Stop #6 on the #BeingBrainHealthy #VirtualBookTour: What Would Happen if We Expected Everything to Go Right?

25 Oct

There are days when it is OK to just get through the day. It is not a flaw or a fault or a deficit to feel like you are successful when “all” you do is get safely from morning to night.

“All” is pretty big in those cases when you don’t have any reserve to draw on and cognitive power is in short supply. Getting through is not just good enough, it is a major accomplishment.

Then there are days when you have the energy to look beyond.

On Stop #6 of the Being Brain Healthy Virtual Book Tour I spoke with the amazingly positive and powerful Melissa Reyes, host of Ten Minutes in Tinseltown about so many things but in particular (and near the end) what might happen if we just expected everything to go right.

Imagine the power of expectations and imagine how you might change your life by shifting your perspective just a bit so that you are looking at how to make this next moment more worth living.

**Warning, even though the name is Ten Minutes in Tinseltown, the show is actually two hours long! I loved every minute of this conversation — even when I did not anticipate the fact that the sun would go down and I would, bit by bit, lose all natural light in the room!

That shift from fixing what is wrong and preventing bad things from happening to looking what you can to do live well and happily is oh so powerful!

How do you feel about shifting your focus and concentration on what you can do to make this next moment worth living?

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