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Building Better Brains with a Saturday Sing-a-Long

25 Apr

When life gets crazy it is easy to push self care aside.

Just listening to music helps you care for your brain. Add singing and emotion and you turn up the noise on that passive activity.

Let’s go a bit further and add two more brain activating layers (and no more time) — laughter and reading.  Read-a-long, sing-a-long, and laugh-a-long with me today on a trip down memory lane….

How about an amazingly sweet song from another really funny guy? Make sure you read the words on the screen as you sing — even if you know them all.

Take a minute to breathe, smile, and drink in the moments this weekend!

What’s New With You: Puzzle Style

23 Apr

I have been entrenched in the things that drive my daily life. One of my on-line friends asked me what was up so I figured I would answer Cranium Crunches style, in puzzle form!

Just to mix it up a bit, I am throwing in two kinds of puzzles — each allows you to work on different kinds of thinking skills while we catch up!

First, these are three change Find the Difference puzzles. These puzzles really require focus and attention to detail. If you find yourself struggling to find the changes, close your eyes, count to five, and then open them again. This time, look at the bigger picture to see if anything jumps out at you. Ready? Go!

weve come too far staticANSWER HERE

mission hills walking static 3 chANSWER HERE

aa wing static 3 chANSWER HERE

mission hills static 1 3 chANSWER HERE


math as music staticANSWER HERE 

In One of These Things is Not Like the Others puzzles you have to hold the details in your working memory as you move from photo to photo. Can you find that one photo that is not exactly alike?

whoopie cushion OTTNL


And the thing that has been lovingly been taking most of my time….

being brain healthy static OTTNLO


How have you been spending your time?


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