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Weekly Brain Challenge: Find It

30 Jul

We got so many great comments on last week’s Find It puzzles we decided to give you some more!

If you get stuck, try closing your eye for a moment and refocusing.  If you are still stumped, turn off or on the lights in the room and see how your focus changes with changes in the lighting!

Pretty Green Park Find It


African Giraffe Find It


How are you feeling right now?

Zooming Out and the Art of Storytelling: Tree Tales

29 Jul

Stories can fire your imagination and your brain. A well told story puts you right in the heart of the scene and weaves you into the sensory experience. If the story inspires you and makes you feel the experience, you can use that to keep your brain working, pathways nourished, and systems in balance.

Storytelling is an art form that, in the hands of master, is a powerful tool.  I believe that the art of storytelling is taken to new heights when the story is wrapped in nature.  Check out this masterful storyteller talking about her craft — and weaving it into a beautiful tale.

Trees in particular, have been at the center of legends and folklore for as long as people have been telling stories.  There is a great collection of tree stories of all kinds, told through poetry, essays, and folklore on a website called “Spirit of Trees: A varied collection of multicultural folktales and myths – a resource for therapists, educators, environmentalists, storytellers and tree lovers!”  Dive into a few and feel the experience.  As a bonus, you can amplify the brain benefits by learning a few new, interesting things while you are there! 

Let’s change our perspective and Zoom Out on the photos from yesterday.  From the close up of the knots and knarls to the reach of the fingers of the roots, this trees definitely has a few stories to tell.



I just had to stop and snap this one. Cooling off or taking a shower?



I love taking pictures of flowers. I am not very good at capturing just how beautiful they are but this one captures the vibrant colors!


The final 3 are examples of people making ugly but necessary things, utility boxes, a little more pleasant.  I think it is rarer to see a unpainted utility box in San Diego. San Diego is made up of neighborhoods/communities and you can almost tell where you are by the utility boxes — each neighborhood has a bit of different twist on this form of art.  These are from Ocean Beach.




How can you widen your perspective today?


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