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Game of the Week: One of These Things is Not Like the Others

23 Apr

Yesterday was Earth Day!  We hope you got out and enjoyed some fresh air and your view of this awe inspiring planet.  Just a few puzzles today and a new twist.   We would like you to tell the stories!  Making up stories and using your imagination will help you fire up the activity in your brain!

So…after you solve the puzzle by finding the one photo that is not exactly like the others, think about what  is going on in the photo.  Fill in as much color as you can – sights, sounds, smells.  If you want to amplify the benefit, type a description in the comments below to tie in some motor areas of your brain as well.    Ready?

Which one is different and…. What is going on here?

statute dude static heart

What about here?

shelter island static


Hmmm… what is happening here?

surfer static


Thanks for playing!

Tuesday’s Big Reveal: MacroMonday Solutions

22 Apr

Here they are in larger form!


Bicycle gears!

It's a fan

It’s a fan

Tankless hot water heater control panel!

Tankless hot water heater control panel!

Laundry soap dispenser!

Laundry soap dispenser!

Dryer lint anyone?

Dryer lint anyone?

Next week’s theme is any room in the house!  Thanks for playing!



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