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Twisted Mix Tape: Non-Guilty Pleasures

25 Feb

This week’s challenge — “Guilty Pleasures — songs you hate to admit you love” — was really hard for me and I just could not  figure out why. Everyone has bands they like or songs they love that embarrass them, don’t they? After sifting through my memory banks and struggling to bring up any “I can’t believe I love that song” feelings… and coming up dry, I asked for help.

My Skewed View

My husband came up with some great songs but my response was, consistently, “Why should I be embarrassed that I love that song?”. Honestly, why should I be embarrassed about anything that I love or that makes me feel or just makes me smile? I guess that is one of those gifts of aging gracefully and comfortably in my own skin.

What to do? Sit out the week – FAT CHANCE!  So… here is my “twist” on this week’s  Guilty Pleasures play list…

“Songs I Love That I Guess I Should Be Embarrassed About But Totally Am Not”

I love happy, sappy, feel good songs. Yep, the entire soundtrack from Curious George (the movie) is on my iPod but I particularly love this song. I guess I should be embarrassed but, really I totally am not.

When this song/video/website went viral, my son sent me an email saying “You are going to love this” and a link to   The next several days were filled with texts and emails saying things like “did you see 11:42 AM?” or “check out the guy at 2 PM”. I guess I should be embarrassed that I love and can’t get enough of this, but…totally not! I picked a particularly interesting part of the 24 hours of period to share with you!
24 Hours of Happy

I am a feminist through and through — one of those old fashioned, to the core feminists  from the 60’s and the 70’s. My favorite shirt when this song came out had “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” sprawled across the front. I guess I should be horrified that I absolutely love this song…but…how could I not love a song that makes me want to get up and move?

I absolutely love my life and am not sure I would, given magical powers, change a single thing. I work, each day to elevate the experience of living to new heights.   I rarely feel oppressed or beaten down or limited by “the man” or anyone else  so, seriously, I have no business loving a song that talks about people trying to hold me down… but I do. So, my non-guilt filled gift to all of those people who feel down trodden is this incredible sentiment from an even more incredible singer.

The last song departs from everything that anyone who will read this knows about the me I put “out there” so technically, that should at least make me a bit uncomfortable but…totally not! Just go with it ….

Weekly Brain Challenge: One of These Things is Not Like the Others

24 Feb

I don’t know about you, but I could use a vacation! How about Las Vegas? These pictures are from the Encore Hotel on the Vegas Strip.

Illuminated Rose Bar

Encore Butterfly Statue

Pretty Golden Pears


Butterflies on the Floor

Thanks for playing!

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