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Happy Smiling Songs to Spread Some Joy: Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday

28 Jan

I just love this week’s theme, “Cheer up a friend who is feeling down”. Oh the hopeful possibilities! The really great thing about this theme is that hopeful happy music takes away the need for words… cheerful music can stand alone!

My Skewed View

OK, here we go… jumping right in this week and sharing a couple songs that make me want to pull myself up by the bootstraps, put on my cheery, radio DJ voice, and keep on smiling through the pain! How is that for a smooth transition into this a new version of an old favorite by one of my favorite old souls.

This next song is one that lifts my spirit, every time, and reminds me that there is always someone there, who has my back…no matter what.

I love my friends – old and new. I choose to see each as a light that helps lead my way.

Pure joy. I dare you not to smile at all during this song.

Rounding off our journey from Shining Stars to Sunshine! I want to see you jumping for joy!

What songs make you feel so good you can’t stand it???


Weekly Brain Challenge: Find the Difference

27 Jan

How about a bigger challenge? Find nine differences in each of these sets of photos!

Apartment Building Nine Change

Runner and Mural Nine Change

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