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Wednesday’s Words: Songs of Summer Word Search

29 May

This puzzle’s theme is Songs of Summer! These songs were found on Entertainment Weekly’s list of The 100 Greatest Summer Songs of All Time. As an extra challenge, you could try to remember who each song is by. You could also use these songs to build a summer playlist and get yourself in a tropical mood!
Summer Playlist

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Memory Loss and Menopause….

28 May

A Generation Fabulous shining star, Ellen Dolgen, is such an important and inspiring voice for Baby Boomer women.  She speaks candidly about menopause and is helping pave the way from “crazy” to “clinical symptom” with such grace and an impressive style.   She, with back up from some really important research, is talking about memory loss as a real symptom of  menopause from a business woman’s perspective — that is novel.    Check her out on the Today Show!

OK…. it is a great start!   Preach it Ellen — your voice is so important!

As I get ready to go to the AARP National Convention, Life@50+, Ellen and the rest of Generation Fabulous inspire me to speak even more loudly about graceful aging and taking charge of our brain health as we age, ever so gracefully and oh so successfully.


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