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Heart Health + Brain Health = Good Functioning

28 Feb

Brain Health Relies on Heart Health.

There is no doubt that good brain health is intimately tied to good heart health. When the brain does not get the blood flow it needs, it can’t perform as it should. Really – it is that simple. Taking care of your heart is good for your brain and your cognitive life. You will think better, problem solve better, remember better, and age better with a healthy heart.

Heart Health = Brain Health

Even though there are genetic and environmental factors that add to the predisposition to heart disease, in many cases, heart health hinges on our choices, our lifestyles, and our vigilance. At the very least, we can control what we do, how we act, and how we listen to what is happening right now. It is all very common sense stuff but, sometimes we don’t take the time to slow down and listen to the signals our bodies are sending us.

Women, in particular, don’t pay attention to and report heart attack symptoms. Friends, please listen to your bodies – it might not just be stress or something you can push your way through. Please don’t miss the signs of a heart attack.

According to both the American Stroke and American Heart Associations, the list of “risk factors” for heart disease and stroke are almost identical. Think about that – when you do things that reduce your risk of for heart disease, you are also reducing your stroke risk. Nice benefit.

Wednesday’s Words: Spring Word Scramble

27 Feb

It is the end of February and we are all longing for just a taste of spring time!   So, spring your brain into action.

Read the clues, unscramble the letters, and solve this puzzle!

Springtime Word Scramble

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