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Crossword Puzzles, Brain Exercise of Choice?

26 Sep

Wednesday’s Words

This week’s Wednesday’s Words is a play on an old standard — crossword puzzles.

Crossword puzzles have been around since the late 1800’s and have long been the recommended, ultimate brain exercise.

  • Yes, crosswords are wonderful workouts for memory, comprehension, word finding, and problem solving!
  • Yes, crossword puzzles are fun and help you stretch your thinking and your vocabulary!
  • Yes, crossword puzzles are available in so many different levels of difficulty that everyone can find one that fits!

This is an easy puzzle but in order to succeed, you need to dig into your memory and pull the right words and phrases out of your well of Cranium Crunches facts!  If you get stuck, you can find all the answers on our site Puzzle Brainy Words

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Play Find the Difference

24 Sep

Weekly Brain Challenge

Happy Monday!  Give those Monday blues a boot with this week’s brain challenge – a Find the Difference puzzle with nine changes.  All of our puzzles have at least one of the each of the following types of changes:  1.  Something was added into the picture  2.  Something was removed from the picture  3.  Something was duplicated  4.  A color change  5.  A size change and  6.  Something changed direction.  This shot was snapped in Los Angeles, California.  Happy crunching 🙂

Click on the puzzle to make it larger on your screen.

Find the Difference puzzle

Can you find the nine changes?

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