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Find Your Rhythm

30 Aug

Build Your Cognitive Reserve:  Part 2

Last week we talked about letting go of your thoughts to re-build your cognitive reserve.    Here is another passive way to fill your well.

2.   Find Your Rhythm!

We know that music is healing and that listening to music will light up many parts of your brain.    It may just be that the rhythms, the basic beats that drive everything on Earth including the basic systems in living bodies, that help re-nourish the brain and keep the pathways open and engaged.  Use music and beats to re-charge your brain.  Find some music with a comfortable rhythm – something that makes you feel good.    Sit down in a place with no distractions, close your eyes, and turn on the music.    Let the beat take you to a place where your mind can wander and be creative.

Try out different beats and see how they make you feel.   The goal is to not feel too anxious nor so relaxed that you fall asleep – find the balance that works for you.    Here are a couple of short drum beat based pieces to start with.

Music can re-charge your reserves, spark your creativity, and make you feel good!   Re-fill your well with the rhythms of the Earth.

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Wednesday’s Words: More Word Searches – Try Some Photography

29 Aug

We got such great feedback on last week’s Wednesday’s Words word search puzzle that we made a new one featuring one of other passions — photography!!

Word Search puzzles are both fun and functional.   Think about how much time you spend each day looking for what you need — searching, sifting, and sorting through items and places to find that one piece of the puzzle that will make your life work better.   Searching strategies can help that process and make it all a bit less frustrating.    Search with a plan or an approach in mind and you might find that you can cut down on time spent simply because you are taking a systematic approach.

Check out last week’s Wednesday’s Words for some great searching and sorting strategies.  Search with a purpose


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