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Part I: Elf in My House

17 Dec

Let’s start with what I do know.

Based on years of observation and data collection, I am absolutely certain that there is at least one elf in my house and, after I go to sleep, she comes out and moves my keys.   I don’t believe she is evil or means any harm – just messing with my sense of order and keeping me on my toes.

Cranium Crunches Blog Keys on Fridge

Where did I put my keys…?

Some days she follows me to work and move my pens; hides the notebook I used the day before; and gets in the computer to re-arrange my file architecture.   Most days, however, all she has to do is move my keys to get my full attention!

My soon to launch website,, is a way to play your way to better thinking – all based on things that people in the field (and out) know and understand.   We have taken interesting photos and turned them into puzzles that sharpen attention, memory, and ordering skills and provide a playful way to practice what we need!

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