Practicing What You Need In the Context of Your Life!

22 Dec

Some days I feel like I spend more time searching for “things” or trying to remember what I am looking for than anything else.

Remember the mantra…practice what you need. Today we are going to practice searching and sorting in the context of life.

I walked into my office this morning, took out my phone, and snapped three photos – and then challenged myself to turn them into Find the Difference puzzles to share with you! Welcome to my life as it looks, this very second!

Can you find the three changes in each of the photos?







Practice what you need in the context of your life!

What are you searching for today?

Finding the Right Word: Processing Speed & Word Scrambles

17 Dec

Retrieving the right word at the right time requires practice. There are so many ways to practice that skill.

Today, let’s play a game that will help create words out of chaos and pushes you to work on your mental processing speed.

Get a pen and paper and set a timer for two minutes.

Letter cubes 1


How did you do? How many words did you find?

Do you know that you just practiced language, recall, searching/sorting, attention, and processing speed skills? If you enjoyed this exercise, it is definitely one worth repeating!

Next time try these variations:

  • Vary the length of the words – make three letter words or five letters words or put together all words with more than two letters.
  • Pick a letter, for example R, and make sure that all words use that letter.
  • Shrink, expand, or remove time limits.
  • Pick a theme/category, for example Things You Eat, and find words that fit that theme.

Practicing working with words can make finding the right one a bit easier!

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