Brain Food: Awaken Your Senses With Texture and Spice

Engaging your senses more fully is a great way to take everyday activities and turn them into brain healthy activities.   Adding textures, varying flavors, and adding a bit of spice to your diet may just do the more

Word Sequence Scrambles

<h2>A Tricky Wednesday's Word Puzzle: Pay Attention to the Details</h2>
This week's word puzzle is a bit trickier.  Not only are you working on your language, memory, and recall skills but you are also working on 1) paying attention to and following directions, 2) following a sequence of events, and 3) finding... read more

Food’s Effects on Brain Chemicals

<h2>Geek Alert</h2>
The brain’s communication chemicals, neurotransmitters, are effected by just about everything we do – what we eat, what we think, and what outside chemicals we introduce. The following is a pretty technical summary of what is happening to 4 very specific chemicals in your brain... read more

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